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I think art filters are rather interesting. We now do not have to through various processes to do achieve effects that were hard before. Digital media has essentially broken the barriers, and transformed the way in photography is taken. That leads to the question, will cameras be essentially be obsolete or rather absorbed into a new media such as Instagram, or other digital media? Rather than seeing cameras disappear, we have seen cameras be incorporated into various sites and electronic media such as computers and smartphones. The concern is whether the physical camera will survive. Digital cameras can do so much more, and art filters are just the beginning. While there is some novelty for doing photography with physical cameras, I think it’s a technology that will die out. The number of people using physical cameras are dwindling slowly. The new generation of people use filters and their phones to take photography, and I believe it’s a matter of time before the digital camera becomes the dominant form of the camera.


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I agree with your argument completely. Art is art, not matter how it is done. In your argument, you said times are changing and I completely agree. We are in a change, where electronic media is completely changing things. Disney’s 2-D animation used to be a big deal and the main way they do their films. Now 3-D animation seems to have taken over. I would argue, like writing to technology, 2-D animation and drawing will always be there. Medias never change, and while they are old, they are just transformed in a new way. In fact, one day I think 3-D animation will be old, and something like 4-D animation and art will arise. What is to say it can’t happen? Humans constantly want to improve, to make things more realistic. 3-D animation will become an old media one day too. Art will always be evolving. I don’t there will ever be a point where a medium will be THE medium in how art is done. Art is not simply something where one medium or media can do it. So art cannot be said to be new or old, since it is a constantly changing thing where various medias are being developed.


I think that Facebook does not stand a chance with transitioning to online shopping. This is because Facebook is a medium primarily for communication and sharing things with friends and a community. Other media have the infrastructure to create such content and business, while Facebook does not. I do not think that any medium will be able to have the complete jack of trades per say. Most media are constrained for the purpose they were created. However, most media these days have variability. But in the case of Facebook, it does not have the features or infrastructure to have online shopping. Unless the medium has features that can be transformed for another purpose and be modular. When I discuss this, one can look at Lev Manovich’s principles of new media. Facebook as a new media does not have modularity, which does not enable it to do online shopping. One can say that new media can only reach so far in terms of trying to have the most variability.


I agree that the internet has manage to take most, if not all, information in the world and put it into one place. Algorithms are necessary for this information to be processed.  Algorithms have become a human gatekeeper to knowledge. However, I do not think algorithms will be ever be advanced enough to keep up with the ever increasing information in the world. Even digital technology gets overwhelmed at times. It needs breathers and time to compute. While algorithms may work for the meanwhile, they cannot cover every inch and cranny of information ever created. Currently, no media can take the accumulating information in the world and gather it one place. A new medium will be necessary to take over algorithms’ job as a gatekeeper for human knowledge.


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I think that teaching people language through artificial intelligence  is something that will enable new media to transcend a new level. Even though the artificial intelligence is not capable of complex thinking, it is only a matter of time. Before artificial intelligence could not teach people to learn languages, but now they are. I find it funny we were teaching artificial intelligence language and now the situation has turned. Is it possible that artificial intelligence will become a medium of  necessity when teaching people languages? I think so. It’s easy, convenient, and allows for independent learning.  Like new media today, it allows a new way to learn. Traditional media being incorporated into new media allows for this generation and future ones to easily access information from the past and apply it. This medium will be the very way we learn languages in the future.