A 2-D novel called Erased where the main character is you, and you wake up in the virtual reality world. You have a body in the physical world, but you do not remember it. But since you are in the digital realm, you do not exist (as you must create yourself on the internet to exist). You meet a code of information, or rather a snippet of it who was supposed to be sent to a node but the network was corrupted. You call the node snip for short, and the story basically ends up with you and snippet going on a journey to fix the node. However, there seems to be a darker power at work through the work of glitches and a system that was supposed to fix the node gone wrong. The story explores identity, and how networks can easily fail. It also explores how new media can too grow fast, and not for the better.

Students Involved

Just me.


I hope to be able to effectively integrate the themes taught in the course to a highly engaging story, and successfully be able to raise questions about these ideas and how they effect us. I want to cause the reader to think, and ponder about the issues I raise in the story.

Why would this be useful to others?

People could learn in a non-traditional format about new media and how identity and networks are effected in the new digital age. The story would be engaging enough to hold their attention, and not have to read it in the standard text-book way.


I will really only produce text, and this will probably be done through some kind of web novel or text creator. I’m considering use Twine, or some other method that be a little easier since I don’t have a lot of skills in programing. I looked at Twine but it’s confusing me a little so I may use another medium. This is all I really need.



Text program (To be decided)